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In Philadelphia Mennonite Central Committee partners with Kingdom Builders Anabaptist Network of Greater Philadelphia where twenty-eight congregations and twelve ministries are part of Anabaptist denominations or in close fellowship.  Twelve churches and ministries form the core of Kingdom Builders, and fourteen more take part in some KB activities.  

 MCC seeks ways for Anabaptist congregations in Philly to

  • Work together
  • In public ways
  • Address common concerns
  • Bear witness to Christ


KB pastors and leaders meet monthly for prayer, Bible study and fellowship; and each year KB organizes: 1) a work day at the Ephrata Material Resource Center, 2) a joint Pentecost worship service, 3) the Philadelphia Festival & Auction (MCC Relief Sale), and 4) a peace building activity.  MCC is an integral part of these and other plans.  Two MCC service opportunities have grown out of the KB network: the prison ministry and the construction ministry.